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When the person has finished drafting their own legal documents using our lesson plans to guide them, they then have the option of providing us with those documents to edit and return with comments.

Gain Meaningful Access to our Justice System

Personalized Legal Lesson Plans to Assist in Civil Litigation 


Justice Behind Bars provides individuals with FREE legal resources to help guide them through their legal action. Our resources are specifically designed to help those who do not have legal counsel. Our goal at JBB is to help individuals gain meaningful access to the justice system. 


Free Legal Resources for the Incarcerated

Our free lesson plans explain the current stage of litigation, provide relevant case law and other legal resources as well as samples of pertinent legal documents.

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Our professionally trained legal researchers work tirelessly to ensure that the people who use our services have current and comprehensive legal materials.

“Prison walls do not form a barrier separating inmates from the protections of the Constitution.”

- United States Supreme Court 

   Turner v. Safely ​(1987)