Advocates of Justice for All

JBB News

Jeffrey Strutynski - President

Alexandra Roche - Treasurer

Seth York - Secretary

Left to Right: Jeffrey Strutynski (President); Seth York (Secretary); Alexandra Roche (Treasurer). Thank you CUNY for the picture.

Our Mission

Established in 2015, Justice Behind Bars empowers individuals to gain meaningful access to our justice system by providing free legal educational resources. Roughly 95% of incarcerated individuals who bring claims against a prison for constitutional violations do so without legal representation. Justice Behind Bars helps guide these individuals through the complex civil litigation process as well as provide them with the tools necessary to be successful in court.

JBB was started by three students enrolled at the City University of New York School of Law. Having met in law school and discovering a similar passion for social justice, these students took a hypothetical idea for a school project and turned it into a functioning nonprofit organization. Read more here.

Justice Behind Bars is proud to now be working with the New York Public Library Correctional Services Program! Together, we are making sure that people in prison are given all the resources needed to fight for their rights. 

Our Board of Directors: